Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Ugly Christmas Dress

I will be attending an ugly Christmas sweater party in a few weeks and I decided that I was going to take it to a whole. 'nutha. level. So, I decided to make an ugly Christmas dress. It only took about an hour and I think it is definitely fun. 

I found the dress at Savers for $10. I was specifically looking for a green or red dress. This one is green which allowed me to leave parts of it exposed and cut down on the amount of ugly stuff I had to buy and apply. I bought the green and red ribbon tinsel at the dollar store as well as the silver tinsel and I bought the bows for %50 off at Hobby Lobby. It took almost two bags of bows and two things of the red and green ribbon. 

To apply them I used hot glue on the tinsel and ribbon and hot glue combined with staples for the bows. I left the ribbon in one long piece and just wound it down the bodice. Hot glueing as I went. I did the same for the silver tinsel. For the bows I first hot-glued them one row at a time. Then I went back over each bow with a few staples just to make sure that they were extra secure. I don't want to be shedding ribbon at the party. I continued this until I reached the bottom. I can't wait to wear it to the party. My husband and I will really class up that party. He will be sporting some extra hideous garb in the form of Christmas plaid suit jacket, outrageously ugly sweater vest, snowman turtleneck and Christmas bow-tie. We're going to be extra, super, awesomely ugly and I am so excited!

For an update to see how I modified my look for the party and to see the awesome outfit I put together for my husband you can check out my post about the party.

If you want to see more cool stuff that I've done you should go to my new site at! It's way nicer and you'll find many more great projects and ideas!

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  1. LOL Cool dress! I actually like all the bows!

    T'onna @ Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty

  2. that's hilarious! will you be able to sit at all??

    1. I decided not to put bows on the back of the dress and instead placed a huge red bow like you use for wreaths on the back. So, I will be able to sit without any problems. :)

  3. This is too funny, but it looks great. Found your lovely blog on Home stories A to Z link party. Love for you to stop by


  4. This is so funny! Love it! Saw your post over at Someday Crafts. Glad to be your first follower! Check my blog out over at Have fun at your party!