Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Baby Doll Diapers

For Christmas my Aunt got Lillian a baby doll that has a diaper you can take on and off. Lilly thinks it's great but, it is a little difficult for her to do it by herself because the diaper has elastic which makes it a bit unruly. Also, she only came with one diaper and Lilly wants to take off the "dirty" diaper and replace it with a clean one. So, I decided it should be pretty easy to make some diapers out of colorful felt that would be not only easier for her to use but also cute and quick to make.

You will need:
- several sheets of felt
- velcro dots
- pen
- scissors
- hot glue gun
- baby doll (for sizing)

First I laid the doll on the felt to create a general outline for my diaper. This way I could be sure that the diaper would fit the doll properly.

After creating the template I cut it out and made sure that it fit the doll properly. (This actually took a few tries to determine the proper size and shape.) Then I traced around the edge of one side of the diaper onto a new piece of felt.


Then I folded that piece in half. This ensured that both sides were identical so I wouldn't end up with a wonky diaper. After folding it in half I cut it out. Now I have my diaper more or less, minus the velcro dots.

Then I just applied a drop of hot glue and placed the velcro dot on top of the glue. (If you don't hot glue them they come off pretty easily. Do not skip the hot glue.)

Voila! Easy felt diapers for any baby doll that only take a few minutes to make but provide hours of fun!

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  1. These are cute and look so easy to make! Thanks for posting. :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! They were really easy to make and they work really well. :)