Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest Adventures Volume 1: The Peacock Costume update

I have finally finished our Halloween costumes! I ended up adding a few projects to the costumes overall so it took me a little longer than I had expected. I decided to make some peacock feathers that would stick up behind our heads. I found a tutorial from "Dollar Store Crafts" that showed you how to make some using fairy wings. So, I made some with their tutorial as an inspiration. However, I modified it slightly. Instead of painting my "feathers" onto the wings I made more felt "feathers" to match my the tu-tu's. I also didn't actually take apart all of the wings. I cut the felt portion off and then spread the wings out more and finished by layering them, gluing them together and re-wrapping them with felt.

Then, I decided to make her candy basket match her outfit. So, I bought some more of those $1 boas and glued them to a plastic pumpkin candy basket. 

So, now we are ready! I'll post pictures of us in all of our peacock glory as soon as we wear them!
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