Friday, October 19, 2012

A Cute, Quick, Owl Shirt - For Kids

I wanted to do something with Lilly's handprint for a shirt. I saw some cute activities for paper crafts involving handprints and decided up transfer that idea to clothing. I found this cute owl craft and thought it would work really well.

First I free-handed an owl shape on a piece of paper and traced around the edge with a fabric marker. It's gave me a reference for where the handprints needed to be. I then painted Lilly's hands with purple fabric paint and let her make the handprints. 

Then I used the lid to some oil to create eyes. I also free handed a nose and legs. Then I painted the eyes white with acrylic paint and placed a black dot in the center for the pupil. I also painted the nose and legs orange and added a little more purple to the handprints so they would "pop". And finally, I outlined everything with gold.

I'm pretty excited about how it turned out and I can't wait to see how cute it is on. She had a great time and I am sure she will be eager to tell everyone that she helped in the process.
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