Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Color...I'm good at it

We have a family photo shoot on Sunday so I have been thinking about what we're going to wear. I decided that I wanted Lilly to wear this adorable little sweater. So, I went looking for things for my husband and I to wear that would match. But, I kept forgetting to bring her sweater with me. I scoured the mall looking for things that a. would match and b. would still look like something I would wear. I found my top at Vanity of all places and I got it on sale for only $5. (I rarely enter that store but spotted many potential color matches through the window.) I found Derek's polo at target on sale as well for $9. I also got the headband for Lilly at target for $2.50 on sale. When I got home a pulled out her sweater and they match perfectly. I'm so excited. We're going to be super cute. I won at colors and shopping.
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