Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinterest Adventures - The Peacock Costume: The Final Product


Today is Halloween and I have perfected the costumes! I made some adjustments to my eye-makeup. I searched the web for pictures of other people's peacock makeup but when I looked at a real peacock I realized that although pretty, they weren't very accurate. So I did my own take on peacock eyes. I colored in my eyebrows with purple eyeliner and extended the line down my nose and around my bottom eyelid. Then I filled it in with a mix of purple, teal and dark blue eyeshadow. I concentrated the dark blue at the corner and crease of my eyes. I also put black and purple eyeliner on my lash lines and added a few "feather" like lines under my bottom lid. Then I slapped on some mascara and some fake eyelashes that have feathers and I was done! I've already gotten many compliments from my co-workers and students so I guess I did a good job.

Last night I decided to paint my nails to match my outfit. So I painted them with a purple metallic color and then did the tips with a sparkly blue. I can't remember the names but I'll add them later.
So, here are our costumes! If you would like to see how I did them you can check out my previous posts: Costume Update and Peacock Costume.

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