Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest Adventures Volume 1 - The Peacock Costume

My daughter spent the weekend with her grandparents so I finally had enough time to work on the peacock costumes and I just about finished. I began with making my "feathers" out of felt. I used this blog as inspiration. However, my feathers were slightly different because I wanted to use more green like actual peacock feathers. I cut out all of my felt pieces and then hot glued them together.

Then I began to work on the tutu. I used the same blog for inspiration and my tutu was very similar. However, I found glitter tulle and thought it would be really pretty. It was such a mess! I was completely covered in glitter! They are really pretty with the glitter but I'm not sure it was worth it. The biggest difference in my tutu and the other one is that I found these green feather boas at the dollar store! I was so excited! If you go to Hobby Lobby these are $8. So, I figured I could incorporate them somehow. I ended up hot gluing them to the inside band of the tutu in three different spots and two different lengths. This way they are visible but don't take away from everything else. You can see them when you move and they add some more of that emerald green color.

After rinsing off the copious amounts of glitter from making the tutu's, I was ready to apply my felt feathers. I used a similar method as my inspiration but, I'm lazy and I love hot-glue. So, I didn't sew them. I glued them to the ribbon.

I then tied them to the waist band of the tutu and added a little hot glue for good measure. We don't want to be losing our beautiful feathers!

Now that I was finished with the tutu's I was ready to make our headbands. This was all me; no inspiration craft. However, I drew my idea from the fact that peacocks have feathers sticking straight off the top of their heads. I decided that would be easy enough to make with a headband and pipe cleaners. There was some trial and error because the "feathers" were too heavy for just one pipe cleaner to hold each of them but, I was successful.

I took my pipe cleaners and double wrapped them. Meaning I wrapped one around another to make it more stiff. I did this twice.

Then I hot glued one of the wrapped pipe cleaners between a feather and an extra piece of felt the same size as the feather for the back. I did this for both pipe cleaners to create two head feathers. Then I wrapped the bottom of the wrapped and feathered pipe cleaners around the headband. I placed them at two different heights to mimic actual peacocks.

My final project for the peacock costumes was to make us masks. I found this interesting tutorial and decided that it would be perfect. The only changes I made were that I used a page protector instead of saran wrap and I added some gold details to my mask. Also, I printed out a smaller version for my daughter. I don't know if she'll actually wear it but it is worth a shot. These only took me about 10 minutes to make (not counting drying time) and it will really add to the look if I can get her to put it on.

For the rest of the costume we will be wearing purple shirts and some sort of basic bottom like black or brown leggings/pants. I also plan to do some really cool peacock inspired eyeshadow for myself. As soon as I take some test photos I'll post them so you can see what all this stuff looks like on someone. (I was basically in my pajamas the entire time I was making this stuff so I didn't want to scare anyone away with pictures of me in pajamas, make-up less with funky hair.)
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