Monday, October 29, 2012

An Impromtu Halloween Party

I decided at the last minute to throw a Halloween party. It wasn't anything fancy. I just threw together a few fun things and we had a good time. I made guacamole and my artist brother helped out by carving a "puking" pumpkin to go with it.

We also had a panna cotta brain with cranberry sauce as well as mozzarella, tomato and olive eyeballs.

The best thing that we made was caramel apple jell-o shots. They weren't too much work and were the best jell-o shots I have ever had. Normally, they are either horrible tasting or not strong enough to be worth eating but these were neither. The apple made them taste really fantastic and made them super easy to eat.  I got the recipe here. However, we did add more vodka and we made a double batch. As a note, I bought a melon-baller in order to make these and I don't know why I have never owned one before! It is an amazing little tool!

I also got to give my costume a test run but, I plan on doing a few things differently for the actual day of Halloween.
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