Monday, November 12, 2012

Super Easy Hand Scrub

I was super productive this weekend and got a head start on my Christmas presents. I've decided that I'm going to demonstrate my craftiness this year and am opting to make as many gifts as I can. I made it to Hobby Lobby with my 2 year old Friday after work and managed to walk out with everything on my list! I didn't forget anything and glass ware, the main reason I was there, was fifty percent off!

I worked on several gifts this weekend. The first was a hand scrub. I found some adorable glass jars with wooden spoons in them at Hobby Lobby and at fifty percent off of 2.38 I got a great deal on them. This hand scrub is seriously easy and it actually took me longer to fill the jars than it did to create the scrub. I got my inspiration from this blog. I figured it would be so cheap to make that it was worth a try. I did make a few alterations. First of all, I mixed the ingredients in a large bowl and not in the jar. This made it much faster and I could make one big batch of uniform scrub. I also decided to use the tropical shea butter scented soap. I liked it's smell for this time of year a little better. Finally, I added about 6 drops of peppermint oil to the mix. This gave it a slightly different smell and made it a little more refreshing.

When I began making it I decided that I would just "eyeball" it and didn't actually measure anything. I dumped a bunch of white sugar into the bowl and then squirted in some soap. I erred on the side of caution because I didn't want it to be runny. Then I added a few drops of essential oil. I just kept adding elements until I felt like the mix was the right consistency. It actually began to get a little fluffy and look like snow when I decided I liked the texture. I also made custom labels for the scrubs. You can see a sample below and can download them here.

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