Monday, November 26, 2012

Soap Bubble Chandelier

I'm sure you've seen the glass ornament chandeliers on pinterest. I know I have. That is where this idea got it's inspiration. However, mine has a few alterations to the one's you might have seen and also a different look. While buying deco mesh for my Christmas decorating this year I saw clear glass ornaments that were on sale and remembered this project so I bought them. However, I knew I would be hanging mine over my bathtub so I bought ornaments with a slight iridescent quality. They look like soap bubbles. I decided that I would use the base ring of a lampshade for my frame and lucked out at Goodwill when I found a pale blue shade with crystals hanging from it's base for only $2. After the ornaments and lamp shade you will just need clear thread/fishing line, 4 wooden skewers, a hot glue gun and 3 small ceiling hooks.

Once I had my supplies in order I cut the base of the lamp shade off. Then I cut the skewers to fit inside the lamp shade dividing it into eight sections  and secured them with hot glue.

Then I used some cereal storage containers and clothes pins to keep the base stead while I attached the ornaments. I just eyeballed it and hung them at different levels using the fishing line and tying it into knots around the ornament hook and the skewers.

When it was done I screwed the three hooks into the appropriate locations around the light in my bathroom and then used some thread to make loops for hooking the the lamp shade to the hooks. I could have used the fishing line but I didn't want the knots to slip (which sometimes happens with the clear stuff.  The pictures don't really do it justice but it looks really pretty. My daughter actually said "Look! Bubbles!" when she was in the bath and noticed it.

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  1. Hi, and thanks for the great idea. I used to have ornaments like this but over the years they all got broken. What company made yours? (and oh, by the way, the ' means a contraction, like it is, so its possessive doesn't have an apostrophe ... "you've" is correct because it means you have. sorry for being a grammar Nazi but I was an English major; a prime fault of mine! But I'd love to know what company made your ornaments because I would love to buy more. Thank you for the great idea!