Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Burlap Placemats

This project is my least favorite so far. It was really messy and I didn't love the results. I mean...they're o.k. but not fantastic.

To do this o.k. project you need:

- a couple yards of burlap
- print outs of the words you want to use
- sharpie

I used a place mat that I already had as a template for cutting. This yielded uneven edges and as a result I had to cut them down so, now they are not quite the right size. After cutting....and cutting....and cutting to get them even I simply taped the the printed out words for tracing onto a piece of foam board (anything hard, white/lightly colored surface would do). Then I laid each piece of burlap onto the board and changed the words out underneath each one. I made 4 Italian ones that said thins like nourish, eat, enjoy etc. and 4 English that said the same thing. I made the Italian ones for my aunt and the others for my husbands aunt. Also, I had to place them underneath something heavy and flat to make the creases from being folded go away. I guess I could iron them but, I guess I just don't care anymore. I really hated this project. Good luck if you want to try it. Maybe it'll work out to be less painful for you.

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