Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Coffee T-shirt

This was super quick and easy. I recently saw a t-shirt that said, "But first...Coffee" on it and I thought it would be perfect for my husband. He isn't really a huge t-shirt wearer but I figured it would be good for around the house and on weekends. So, this was also a very low stress project. I just pulled out a black fabric marker and these letter stencils left over from Lilly's birthday party apron craft and filled in the letters to make the phrase. I just eye-balled it and I feel it is pretty successful. It's not perfect but the phrase actually lends itself to imperfection. I will probably pair this shirt with the coffee and brown sugar hand scrub that I made to really give the gift a purpose.

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  1. Very creative and I love it!

    1. Thanks! I was pretty happy with it since it only took a few minutes and a couple of dollars. Thanks for visiting. :)